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A Variety of Options
You can invite the Generosity Monk to preach or teach transformational biblical principles at your church, but he also stands ready to equip you to encourage the people in your congregation to grow in the grace of giving in a variety of ways.
Generosity Sermons
Biblical teaching transforms hearts and unleashes Christian generosity. Check availability for engaging Rev. Dr. Hoag to speak at your church.
Stewardship Seminars
To help congregations grow in their understanding of biblical stewardship and practice of grace-filled, spirit-led giving, schedule a four-hour seminar today.
Leadership Coaching
The generosity of a church follows the example of the generosity of the leadership. Inquire here to see how coaching could help your leaders and your congregation.

To take the next step, contact the Generosity Monk. He wants to discuss your situation and can draft a proposal for serving you.