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Transformational Growth
Every follower of Jesus is on a spiritual journey and has room for growth. Intentionally sojourning with a spiritual friend like the Generosity Monk and engaging in specific spiritual exercises can result in transformational growth in the area of generosity.
Spiritual Gift Assessment
By taking a spiritual gifts inventory, you can determine or affirm your spiritual giftedness as a basis for finding your role in the Body of Christ.
Stewardship Portfolio
Using a tool called the Stewardship Portfolio, devised by the Generosity Monk, you will be charged to consider prayerfully what it means for you to be rich toward God in relation to your living and your giving.
Generosity Coaching
Through regular meetings with the Generosity Monk, you will be challenged to grow in your personal grasp of stewardship in order to model biblical generosity.

To take the next step, contact the Generosity Monk. He wants to discuss your situation and can draft a proposal for serving you.