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Timely Advice
Generosity Monk provides counsel on an “as needed” basis for you or your leadership team. Clients get timely assistance in the form of spiritual and strategic advice over the phone, via Skype or in face-to-face meetings.
Program Assessment
Generosity Monk can evaluate your staff and systems and offer ideas for growth in encouraging Christian generosity. This entails research, interviews, data analysis and discussion. Full assessments include an observations and recommendations report, while mini-assessments offer suggestions for program improvement.
Program Facilitation
Generosity Monk can assist you in facilitating your planning process to target kingdom outcomes by helping you discern your role and God’s role in your work. This service may include boards or leadership teams. The scope ranges from guiding a group to own missional objectives to mapping tactical institutional plans.
Leadership Coaching
Generosity Monk also offers on-going support so you get timely, strategic advice and spiritual counsel for your life and leadership. We will journey together. You’ll have reading assignments, receive monthly instruction linked to best practices, and be challenged to grow both in your life and related to your leadership.
Fees for services vary, so inquire today regarding cost and availability.