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The Choice: The Christ-Centered Pursuit of Kingdom Outcomes

Ten Marks that comprise the Kingdom Path

In the pages of the New Testament, we find ten marks from Christ’s earthly ministry that are also evident in the early church. They comprise the course the first disciples took and mark the kingdom path for us to follow obediently today. Here is a brief summary of them.

We must (1) submit to the Father, and (2) we must be filled, led, and empowered by the Spirit. These traits sketch our operating system. We cannot function any other way as steward leaders! We implement faithfulness-focused strategies related to (3) prayerful strategic planning and (4) raising kingdom resources. Think of these as the apps we run perpetually to be sure we are about the Father’s business and trusting in Him as our Provider. This will ensure we don’t drift from God’s agenda to our own and shift from serving God to serving mammon.

Next, we utilize eternity-oriented metrics that are linked to (5) ministry accountability and (6) transparent financial administration.

We do this to exhibit integrity before God and man and to ensure our efforts build God’s eternal kingdom rather than our earthly one.

Our posture for management is not driven by results but by nurturing relationships. Rather than loving money and using people we choose to love people and use money; thus, we resolve to follow the example of Christ and (7) serve people humbly while (8) doing everything with love.

Lastly, aligned with a stewardship view of resources, (9) we seek to mobilize spiritually gifted people. We want to help God’s people find a place in kingdom ministry that matches the gifts God has given them, while also (10) exhorting everyone to demonstrate radical Christian generosity. As leaders we must model the way of obedience in this area. We do this by putting all we are and all we have to work in order to make known the gospel.