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And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

“17 January 1849. The time is now near when further steps are to be taken to fit up and furnish the house, as more than two thirds of the rooms are all but ready. Under these circumstances I have prayed the more earnestly, day by day, that the Lord would be pleased to give me the means which are yet needed; and as my heart has been assured from the beginning, and all through these three years and two months, since I first began to pray about this subject, that God would in every way help me in this work, so I have also been particularly satisfied that He would be pleased to provide the means which may be required to meet all the heavy expenses which yet remain to be met. Now, today I have had again a precious answer to my daily supplications with reference to this work; for I received this evening six hundred pounds, concerning which it were desired that brother Craik and myself should each take of it fifty pounds for ourselves; the remaining five hundred pounds was left entirely to my disposal; yet an especial reference was made to the heavy expenses connected with fitting up and furnishing the new Orphan House, towards which I might, either in part or entirely, take this sum.”

George Müller in The Life of Trust: Being a Narrative of the Lord’s Dealings with George Müller (Boston: Thomas Y. Crowell & Company, 1898) 343-344.

I’ve been waiting on the Lord for provision for ECFA to launch a global accountability effort to help guard trust and encourage greater generosity around the world. Waiting while remaining or abiding in Christ is hard so I felt inspired to read excerpts from Müller’s journal today. Three things about this post in particular ministered to me.

Firstly, George was not working with God in service to orphans alone. In biblical fashion working two-by-two, we see him working with a brother named Craik. I’ve been praying for a person to come alongside me and assist me as a Barnabas in this global work.

Secondly, George waited three years and two months for God to supply. That’s a long time. And I thought six months was a long time to wait. Notice that God was “pleased to supply” but it rarely comes exactly when we hope or expect it but when God knows we need it.

Thirdly, George and Craik used a small portion of the funds to cover their living expenses and expended the rest on God’s work. We see elsewhere that as God supplied, he did not hoard but put to to work.

If you are waiting on God for something, anything, remain in His love and trust Him to supply, and allow Him to mature you into a ready recipient. Work collaboratively with others, and when God supplies, live simply so you can put as much to work as possible for God.