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But emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men. Philippians 2:7

“We need to find a way to release the latent energy trapped inside of each one of us to be generous. We are hard-wired to simply contribute to the well-being of another. We often think we are helping the most when we can write a check bigger than last year. What if we helped the least and acted on this hardwiring of contributing to the well-being of another? Spend yourself on others before spending your money on others.”

John Stanley in “Unleashing Latent Energy of Generosity” post by Generosity Gameplan on 4 June 2019.

By the time this posts I will have arrived safely home. On the night before leaving Sydney, I attended my first Rugby match with Peter and Edwina Murphy and Michael Blue. I thought about the “latent energy” of the fans. What if they stopped watching, but channeled their energy to the playing field, and started participating in the proverbial game.

As I get my feet back under me today, John’s paradoxical statement sticks with me. He always says that helping the most is often doing the least, the little things we were made to do every day. These little things contribute to the well-being of others. Then I love how this behavior comes into view as spending myself for others.

Do you have any “latent energy” to spend?

With John, I don’t mean money, but rather, love, strength, and giftedness. Picture yourself in the stands. Look on the field. What part has perhaps God equipped you to play? As followers of Jesus, we get to empty ourselves as He emptied himself. When we do, we don’t end up destitute but discover the joy of distributing spiritual blessings.

Use your latent energy today. Go spend yourself.