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For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

“We shouldn’t give to things because we care about them deeply. Rather, we should give to things because God cares about them deeply. Giving often starts as an obedient step of faith before it blossoms into joyful love over time…

Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” He meant that wherever we send our money, our feelings and emotions will eventually go there, too. If we send money toward the things God cares about, our hearts will start to look more like God’s…

For example, I never really cared about modern-day slavery until I began giving to International Justice Mission. Slowly, over time, I began to yearn for freedom for everyone in captivity. I never cared much about children trapped in poverty until I began giving to Compassion International. Slowly, over time, I began to ache for every child in need to be fed, educated, and taught about Jesus. And I never cared much about people who didn’t have the Bible until I sponsored a Bible translation project through the Seed Company. Now I have a deeper passion that all people on earth would be able to read Scripture in their native language.

My heart was often cold and indifferent to others. But giving is like a seed planted in the barren soil of indifference. If we plant in faith, love will begin to grow and will displace our indifference. How do we obtain the true riches of love? We give in faith, asking God to reshape our hearts in the process.”

John Cortines in “Generosity: It is an investment in the love of God for us and for others” in Devotionals Daily email dated 8 June 2019.

Special thanks to Daily Meditations reader and friend, Scott Bailey, for sharing this with me. John serves as COO for Generous Giving and recently co-authored True Riches: What Jesus Really Said about Money and Your Heart.

Today’s post reveals one aspect of the inward transformation that happens when we give. It displaces our indifference. When we give the money God has entrusted to us to the things He cares about, our hearts care about those things. We go from not caring to caring. This caring shapes our hearts and transforms how we live, give, serve, and love.

Want your heart to look like God’s heart?

Follow John’s example. Give to a portfolio of things that God cares about starting with your local church and see what happens. Make a list of ministries and support them according to your ability. When you do, you store up treasures in heaven where they are free from market factors, and God grows your heart to look like His.

If you have limited means, don’t let that stop you. Perhaps, give a smaller amount to your list of organizations. Over time, ask God to grow your resources so you can increase your giving. And don’t just apply this idea to financial giving. This works with voluntary service too. Spend yourself like this, and it will also shape your heart to look like His.