Charles Haddon Spurgeon: Greater Eagerness

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They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the honeycomb. Psalm 19:10

“Bible truth is enriching to the soul in the highest degree; the metaphor is one which gathers force as it is brought out; — gold — fine gold — much fine gold; it is good, better, best, and therefore it is not only to be desired with a miser’s avidity, but with more than that. As spiritual treasure is more noble than mere material wealth, so should it be desired and sought after with greater eagerness. Men speak of solid gold, but what is so solid as solid truth? For love of gold pleasure is forsworn, ease renounced, and life endangered; shall we not be ready to do as much for love of truth?”

Charles Haddon Spurgeon in Treasury of David, his commentary on Psalms 19:10.

If spiritual treasure is worth more than material wealth, we must have greater eagerness in pursuing it. Think about how this relates to our generosity. Solid truth, as Spurgeon describes it, is free. It’s what everyone needs and can be enjoyed and shared in abundance.

So, why do so few seek it? Most prefer ease and pleasure, which ironically, puts life in danger. Gold gives the opposite effect that it promises. It cannot sustain, save, or satisfy. Though most chase it as though it can. Any impact it has is not solid but temporary or fleeting.

Make it a point to gather solid truth daily and sow it into the hearts of those around you. This may be the most generous thing you can do because most are, sadly, aiming for ease and pleasure, which leaves them lacking and lost.