Robert Hall: One Great Passion

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Our people must also learn to engage in good deeds to meet pressing needs, so that they will not be unfruitful. Titus 3:14

“While the passion of some is to shine, of some to govern, and of others to accumulate, let one great passion alone influence our breasts, the passion which reason ratifies, which conscience approves, which Heaven inspires, that of being and doing good.”

Robert Hall (1764-1831), an English minister, in Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers, compiled by Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert (New York: Wilbur B. Ketcham, 1895) 121.

In today’s Scripture, Paul reminds Titus to help the people learn to do good and engage in good deeds that productively meet the needs of those around them.

Likewise, Reverend Hall some two centuries ago, urged his English congregants and readers of his writings to similar productivity, regardless of their place in the community.

Every follower of Christ needs to learn to embrace “one great passion” which is “that of being and doing good.” Who we are in Christ, our ‘being’, should impact, our ‘doing’, around us.

Does this “one great passion” flood your soul? As this is a learned behavior, think about who you are in Christ, your ‘being’, and live out the good works God has prepared for you today, your ‘doing’.