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Anthony Mary Claret was an archbishop. missionary, and confessor of Isabella II of Spain. He took a retreat in 1863 and this was his list of resolutions. It’s a fitting post for ending 2019 as it celebrates my word for the year: kindness.

“In this retreat, I drew up the following resolutions.

  1. I will, when praying, remember the reprehension Catherine of Siena received. I will also be mindful of Aloysius, who spent an hour reciting Matins.
  2. My particular examen will be on meekness. I will remember on this score the example of Jesus, my Master and Model, who says: “Learn of Me, for I am meek and humble of heart.” … I will consider the usefulness of meekness, because by humility, God is pleased, and by meekness, so is our neighbor. It is better to do less but with patience, meekness, and kindness, than to do more with precipitation, anger, and impatience. When people see a person whoo does things in the latter fashion, they are scandalized and repulsed.
  3. I will never get angry, but suffer in silence, and offer to God everything that gives me pain.
  4. I will never complain, but resign myself to God’s will, for He arranges everything for my good, even making use of poverty, humiliations, and contempt of others for this end.
  5. I will be kind to everybody, particularly too those whom I find troublesome.
  6. I will never talk of myself, or oof my affairs, either in praise or blame.
  7. I will say to my God; “Lord, if Thou willest to use me, a miserable instrument, for the conversion of sinners, behold I am ready to do thy will.”
  8. Before eating, I will say, “Lord, I eat to strengthen myself and in order to serve Thee more faithfully, And I do so, not taking pleasure in these worldly things, but purely out of necessity.”
  9. In all my actions I will strive for purity and rectitude of intention, great attention, and care, and a constant deliberation of will.
  10. I will endeavor with the greatest possible care to do each particular action well, just as if I had nothing else to do.”

I have tried to put into practice all these resolutions with the grace of God.”

Anthony Mary Claret (1807-1870) in The Autobiography of St. Anthoy Mary Claret (Compton: Claretian Major Seminary, 1945) Chapter 9.

Return to the resolutions that stuck out to you. Read those parts again. Ask God for the grace to put them into practice in the new year. Be sure to follow through with generosity, meekness, and kindness.