Matthew Henry: A Communication

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For Macedonia and Achaia were pleased to make a contribution for the poor among the Lord’s people in Jerusalem. Romans 15:26

“It pleased them. This intimates how ready they were to it — they were not pressed nor constrained to it, but they did it of their own accord; and how cheerful they were in it — they took a pleasure in doing good; and God loves a cheerful giver. To make a certain contribution; koinonian tina — a communication, in token of the communion of saints, and their fellow-membership, as in the natural body one member communicates to the relief, and succour, and preservation of another, as there is occasion. Every thing that passes between Christians should be a proof and instance of that common union which they have one with another in Jesus Christ.”

Matthew Henry in Commentary on Romans 15.

Giving sends a message. Literally, in the Greek the language implies sending “a communication.” What message does your giving send? From Macedonians to Achaia, from Northern to Southern Greece, the Christians were pleased to send a message of support.

Let’s send a message through our giving that God’s work is more important than anything else in our lives.