C.S. Lewis: Benevolently

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Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act. Proverbs 3:27

“I am very doubtful whether history shows us one example of a man who, having stepped outside traditional morality and attained power, has used that power benevolently.”

C.S. Lewis in The Abolition of Man (Quebec: Samizdat University Press, 2014) 34.

Here’s a good question for Labor Day. What are doing with whatever power, influence, or authority that you have? Are you using it to serve yourself of to serve others benevolently?

I was sitting in lawn chairs with my neighbor, Ken Sharp, on Friday night at dusk enjoying a drink. Together we talked about life and our week, among other things. We also talked about our role as HOA Board members.

So, I opened up my Bible on my phone and we memorized this verse together by repeating it over and over. We resolved to do good for our neighbors with whatever power we had.

As you reflect on your life today, think about what it would look like to use whatever power, influence, or authority you have for benevolent purposes. Pray and follow God’s leading.