Dachollom C. Datiri: Collection to Assist the Less Privileged

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Now concerning the collection for the saints: you should follow the directions I gave to the churches of Galatia. On the first day of every week, each of you is to put aside and save whatever extra you earn, so that collections need not be taken when I come. 1 Corinthians 16:1-2

“Paul’s advice here is the same as that he gave to the Galatian churches: every member should give systematically and regularly in keeping with his [or her] income. The money should be set aside on the first day of every week…

Paul gave them simple but practical instructions on how the church members should organize their giving and how those who collected the money should act to make sure that it reached those for whom it was intended.

Christian congregations in Africa have made the occasional collection for missionary work but need to become more sensitive to the needs of others and to take up collections to assist the less privileged.”

Dachollom C. Datiri in Africa Bible Commentary: A One-Volume Commentary Written by 70 African Scholars, edited by Tokunboh Adeyemo (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2006) 1423.

For those who are interested in the Greek behind the English translation, this is the only instance of the word “collection” in the New Testament. In modern terms, I might rather render it “campaign” as it was an effort to rally God’s people everywhere to assist the less privileged.

Datiri is a Nigerian scholar who admits that congregations on his continent take up occasional collections. Perhaps that’s true in many other places too. I think he is right in urging us to “become more sensitive to the needs of others” and to demonstrate that concern by giving to campaigns.

Today I want to ask you to support one of the regional campaigns for GTP. Around the world, God’s servants need training to build strong ministries. This is not giving a handout that creates dependencies but giving a hand up to build disciples. Please demonstrate care by giving today.