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The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came so that they would have life, and have it abundantly. John 10:10

“Michael Cherenkov, Mission Eurasia’ executive field director, noted that when MB Foundation released The Seven-Day Generosity Challenge as a resource for friends and partners, their president and CEO Jon Wiebe didn’t realize how popular the resource would become in Eurasia. And now people read it in Russian, Ukrainian, and even Georgian.

“This book has already been reprinted three times in Eurasia with a total of 10,000 copies,” Cherenkov said. ‘Simple, clear and inspiring’. Mission Eurasia eventually became a partner in distributing this resource.

“We had been thinking about the importance of this topic in the churches of Eurasia for a long time,” Cherenkov said. “When I read this book in 2018, I knew right then that we had to translate it and publish for our partner churches in Ukraine. The book was a simple, clear, and inspiring invitation to be generous and I wanted to pass on that message as far as possible.”

This testimony was collected by Mission Eurasia after Roman went through the Seven-Day Generosity Challenge by Jon Wiebe, my friend and fellow stewardship author and administrator at MB Foundation.

Got to teach yesterday on “the Way of Christian Giving” with about 50 youths, ages 18-25, at the School Without Walls in Chișinău, Moldova. The discussion and interaction gives me great hope for the future of this country.

I am so thankful for my friend and brother, Michael Cherenkov, who cares deeply about getting, simple, clear, and inspiring teaching on generosity to people all across Eurasia.

Since I agreed to travel to Ukraine and Moldova, he filled the schedule with multiple activities each day to maximize the reach and impact of the trip.

Preaching today at the Church Without Walls in the same room pictured above. Appreciate your prayers. God help me speak on generosity in a manner that is simple, clear, and inspiring!